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Best resources about Software Engineering

The following list was assembled by Irina Stanescu

1/ The Pragmatic Engineer by Gergely Orosz –
Covers a variety of topics from in-depth analysis of how various companies do things to general solid advice on career growth and engineering management.

2/ Level Up Software Engineering by Caleb Mellas –
Empathetic career development tips for software engineers looking to develop both technical and interpersonal skills.

3/ Software Design: Tidy First? by Kent Beck –
Excellent mix of technical and non-technical advice from the author of Extreme Programming and TDD.

4/ Engineer’s Codex –
Case studies and practical lessons from Big Tech companies.

5/ ByteByteGo Newsletter by Alex Xu –
Weekly in-depth systems design newsletter, written by the author of “Systems Design” vol 1 and vol 2.

6/ High Growth Engineer by Jordan Cutler –
Practical actionable advice for ambitious engineers looking to grow in their careers.

7/ Engineering Leadership by Gregor Ojstersek –
Engineering/Engineering Leadership topics to help you become a great engineering leader.

8/ SeattleDataGuy’s Newsletter by Benjamin Rogojan –
The best data engineering newsletter, insightful even if you don’t work in data.

9/ Hybrid Hacker by Nicola Ballotta –
In-depth lessons on engineering management with excellent illustrations.

10/ Wes Kao’s Newsletter –
Excellent advice on navigating work dynamics and career growth from the co-founder of Maven.

11/ System Design Newsletter by Neo K. –
Easy-to-understand explanations of complex architectures.

12/ “The Caring Techie Newsletter” –
Focuses on soft skills, communication, and building caring leaders .

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13/ Chris Richardson’s feed about microservices