Simple way to add system variable to OSx

one simple way to add system variables to OSx is to include them in .zshrc file from your home ~ <strong>vim ~/.zshrc </strong> and in there the new variable and also include it into $PATH eg: with JAVA_HOME export JAVA_HOME="/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/adoptopenjdk-8.jdk/Contents/Home" export PATH="$JAVA_HOME:$PATH"

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O’Reilly + ScienceDirect + Skillsoft for only $40

One of the best deals that I’ve found lately, for those from “Developing Countries” on . So, if anyone from this list<- it can obtain all from above at only 40 bucks.

Gitlab Step w/ Sonar

Once with running docker images inside a continuation integration pipeline, things got to a new level. One improvement, we can see it for static code analysis, where there is no need of having a separate instance of sonar, we can have it on the fly. So, to have a step for this scenario, the CI… Continue reading Gitlab Step w/ Sonar

Scala Exchange 2018 – Follow UP

Interesting things discovered at Scala Exchange 2018. Type-Driven Development in Practice: Cats and Akka HTTP creating a web service using Akka HTTP and Cats’ Free, IO, Writer and Reader monads. Presentation Code Concurrency and Asynchrony in Scala Featuring: Greg Dorrell Scala Futures, Twitter Futures, Akka (both Actors and Streams), Monix, fs2, cats-effect. Monix & cats-effect… Continue reading Scala Exchange 2018 – Follow UP

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Git Clean-Up Commands

Sometimes you may find a git repository with a lot of branches and not all of them necessary. Because of that, you may want to do some cleanup, so I’ve prepared a list of very useful commands: Remove Merged Branches just to see them / or number them git branch -r –merged origin/master | grep… Continue reading Git Clean-Up Commands

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